ON Жартылай өткізгіш


ON Жартылай өткізгіш
  • FIS1100 Intelligent MEMS IMU

    ON Semiconductor's FIS1100 is 6D MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) with sensor fusion to specify system level orientation accuracy.

    By ON Semiconductor 190

  • MEMS Motion Tracking Modules

    ON Semiconductor's FMT1000 series are industrial grade module family includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, 10 ppm crystal, and a dedicated MCU.

    By ON Semiconductor 192

  • MEMS Motion Sensors

    ON Semiconductor takes a system-based approach to its MEMS motion solutions, making it easy for designers to achieve both high performance and fast time to market.

    By ON Semiconductor 192

  • NCN8025A Smart Card Interface

    Dedicated for 1.8 V / 3.0 V / 5.0 V smart card reader / writer applications the NCN8025A is a compact and cost effective interface IC solution.

    By ON Semiconductor 280

  • NCP1090 Controller

    The NCP1090 from ON Semiconductor integrates a rugged vertical N-channel DMOS suitable for the most demanding environments.

    By ON Semiconductor 270

  • LV873x, LV874x, and LV877x Series Stepper Motor Dr

    These 2 channel PWM constant current control stepper motor drivers support controlling forward, reverse, brake and standby operations of motors.

    By ON Semiconductor 258

  • Motor Drivers for Camera Applications

    ON Semiconductor offers a selection of miniature-sized motor drivers optimally suited for applications in Digital Still Camera and PoE Security Camera designs.

    By ON Semiconductor 241

  • 3-Phase Motor Driver IC

    These ICs enable low power consumption and low vibration and are suitable for use in products that require high reliability and a long life.

    By ON Semiconductor 504

  • Stepper Motor Drivers

    This portfolio includes a wide selection of ICs operating at supply voltages less than 20V. Many have the ability to draw zero current in standby mode.

    By ON Semiconductor 275

  • Hybrid Motor Driver ICs

    ON Semiconductor features the STK672 and STK681 series hybrid motor driver ICs with current sensing resistors built in.

    By ON Semiconductor 336

  • Brushless Motor Pre-Driver ICs

    These 3-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver ICs incorporate a full complement of protection circuitry, allowing them to implement high-reliability drive circuits.

    By ON Semiconductor 249

  • LC717A00AR Touch Sensor

    These high performance Capacitance-Digital-Converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch sensors feature 8-input capacitance.

    By ON Semiconductor 664

  • Gate Driver Optocoupler FOD8320 Series

    ON Semiconductor's FOD8320 optocoupler achieves reliable and high insulation voltage, as well as high noise immunity.

    By ON Semiconductor 286

  • Smart Gate Driver Optocoupler FOD8316 Series

    ON Semiconductor's FOD8316 optocoupler offers the critical protection necessary for preventing fault conditions that lead to destructive thermal runaways of IGBTs.

    By ON Semiconductor 239

  • Green-Mode FPS FSL206MR Series

    ON Semiconductor's Green-mode FPS FSL206MR series is designed for high-performance offline SMPS that require minimal external components.

    By ON Semiconductor 330


    Available in low- to high-current ratings of 5 A to 15 A, FGP10N60UNDF and FGP15N60UNDF 600 V IGBTs minimize power loss from ON Semiconductor.

    By ON Semiconductor 221

  • FL7701 Smart Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver IC

    ON Semiconductor's FL7701 combines high functional density in a small form factor; it is a smart, non-isolated buck LED driver IC.

    By ON Semiconductor 260

  • FCP190N60E/FCP380N60E  SuperFET II

    ON Semiconductor's high-end, AC-DC switch-mode power supply applications require high power-density.

    By ON Semiconductor 218

  • FAN7631 Controller

    ON Semiconductor's FAN7631 is a pulse-frequency modulation controller for high-efficiency half-bridge resonant converters.

    By ON Semiconductor 701

  • FAN6224 SR Controller

    FAN6224 is the first SR high- and low-side controller device in ON Semiconductor's mWSaver™ technology series.

    By ON Semiconductor 271