• Menda/EasyBraid's Conductive and Dissipative E

    Menda/EasyBraid's ESD brushes are ideal for removing dust, dirt, and leftover materials from printed circuit boards (PCB) and other static sensitive components.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 200

  • Menda Impact-Resistant Amber Bottles

    Menda/EasyBraid introduces their Menda impact resistant amber bottles for improved handling, filling, and transporting of liquids and chemicals.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 123

  • Menda/EasyBraid Flux-Dispensing Bottles with Needl

    Menda/EasyBraid introduces low-density polyethylene (LDPE) durAstatic™ liquid dispensing flux bottles with needle tips.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 191

  • Menda/EasyBraid Glass Dispensers

    Menda/EasyBraid's 1 oz. clear glass dispensers are designed to decant small amounts of chemicals from heavy bulk containers for everyday use in labs and work spaces.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 195

  • Circular Connector Covers

    Menda/EasyBraid's circular connector covers are properly sized for a secure fit to keep the connectors clean and prevent them from falling off.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 246