Джауч кварц


Джауч кварц
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries

    Jauch lithium polymer batteries are available in a wide selection, offering many options for different stages in the project.

    By Jauch Quartz 166

  • Lithium MnO2 Batteries

    Jauch lithium manganese dioxide batteries are typically used in electronic devices and as a backup battery for motherboards.

    By Jauch Quartz 131

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Jauch lithium-ion batteries can last several years, depending on the use and storage conditions.

    By Jauch Quartz 194

  • JXS-WA Series Quartz Crystals

    Jauch Quartz's JXS-WA crystals are available in standard packages of 2016, 2520, and 3225, and at 14 standard frequencies.

    By Jauch Quartz 96

  • JSO AC Series MEMS Oscillators

    Jauch Quartz's JSO AC Series provides a wide operating temperature range, high frequency stability, and very high shock and vibration immunity.

    By Jauch Quartz 148

  • JT22S Series Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscil

    Jauch Quartz's JT22S series combines excellent frequency stability with a clipped sine output that enables a very low power consumption.

    By Jauch Quartz 74

  • JTX310 Series Tuning Fork Crystals

    Jauch Quartz's JTX310 comes with automotive AEC-Q200 and shockproof specification as standard.

    By Jauch Quartz 95