• GPS/Glonass Antennas

    Yageo's GPS/Glonass Antennas features and application are covered, including their integration with GPS patch antenna technology.

    By Yageo 372

  • Fusible Through-Hole Resistors

    Yageo offers a wide range of metal film and wire wound fusible through-hole resistors.

    By Yageo 837

  • Thin-Film Chip Resistors

    Yageo thin-film chip resistors are ideal for applications or designs requiring tight-tolerance, low-noise, accuracy, and reliability.

    By Yageo 386

  • SR Series Chip Resistors

    Yageo's SR series surge chip resistors provide an outstanding pulse load capability that protects sensitive devices and electronic circuits.

    By Yageo 453

  • HHV Series Through-Hole Resistors

    Yageo's describes features and common applications for their HHV series of high-voltage, high-ohmic resistors.

    By Yageo 380

  • AF Series Chip Resistors

    Yageo offers anti-sulfurated chip resistors which are designed for use in environments exposed to high levels of contamination.

    By Yageo 347

  • AC Series Chip Resistors

    Yageo's automotive grade thick film chip resistor, the AC series, is optimized to conform to the automotive electronics industry's strict standards.

    By Yageo 741

  • High-Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

    Yageo's high voltage MLCCs are used extensively in power supplies for isolation and filtering both DC and AC voltage.

    By Yageo 340

  • High Capacitance Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

    Yageo's high capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors offer high performance and high reliability for a wide range of applications.

    By Yageo 359

  • PF1206/2512 Low Ohmic Current Sensing Resistors

    Yageo highlights their low ohmic current sensing resistors, which are applicable for battery chargers, power supplies, and more.

    By Yageo 355

  • PE Series Current-Sensing Chip Resistors

    Yageo's PE series current sensing chip resistors have high-power and low-resistance.

    By Yageo 296

  • Total Lead-Free Thick Film Chip Resistors

    Yageo's lead-free thick film chip resistors offer strict pollution control and higher levels of environmental safety.

    By Yageo 279

  • High CV MLCC

    Yageo's high CV MLCC capacitor consists of a rectangular block of ceramic dielectric in which a number of interleaved metal electrodes are contained.

    By Yageo 538

  • AHA/AHP Series Wirewound Resistors

    Yageo's AHA/AHP series of resistors provide an aluminum case that adds strength and greater power dissipation.

    By Yageo 810