LC717A00AR Touch Sensor

By ON Semiconductor 655

LC717A00AR Touch Sensor

The LC717A00AR from ON Semiconductor is a high-performance, low-cost capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch sensors, especially those focused on usability. It has 8 channels of capacitance-sensor input. The built-in logic circuit can detect the state (ON/OFF) of each input and output the result. This makes it ideal for various switch applications. The calibration function is automatically performed by the built-in logic circuit during power activation or whenever there are environmental changes. In addition, since initial settings of parameters such as gain are configured, the LC717A00AR can operate as a stand-alone device when the recommended switch pattern is applied. Also, since LC717A00AR has a serial interface compatible with I2C and SPI bus, parameters can be adjusted using external devices whenever necessary. Moreover, outputs of the 8-input capacitance data can be detected and measured as 8-bit data.

  • Detection system: differential capacitance detection (mutual capacitance type)
  • Input capacitance resolution: can detect capacitance changes in the femto Farad order
  • Measurement interval (8 differential inputs):
    • 18 ms (at initial configuration)(typ.)
    • 3 ms (at minimum interval configuration)(typ.)
  • Current consumption: 320 µA (VDD = 2.8 V)(typ.), 740 µA (VDD = 5.5 V)(typ.)
  • Supply voltage: 2.6 V to 5.5 V
  • Detection operations: switch
  • Interface: I2C compatible bus or SPI selectable
  • External components for measurement: not required
  • High sensitivity performance through multiple layers of gloves, air gaps, or thick materials
  • Design friendly - can be connected directly to a familiar MCU and execute stand-alone operation
  • Automated built-in noise and environmental change compensation function technology
  • White goods
  • Black goods
  • PC peripherals

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