Fair-Rite Products Corp.


Fair-Rite Products Corp.
  • Engineering Kits

    Fair-Rite’s engineering kits provide a comprehensive listing of material types and forms to fit any application.

    By Fair-Rite Products Corp. 220

  • Flexible Ferrite Sheets

    Fair-Rite’s flexible ferrite sheets provide the benefits of soft-magnetic materials while freeing users from their mechanical constraints.

    By Fair-Rite Products Corp. 214

  • 75 Material for Low-Frequency Suppression

    Fair-Rite's 75 material is available in snap-it form allowing users to find a solution to their low-frequency noise issues quickly.

    By Fair-Rite Products Corp. 637

  • High-Frequency Mini Power Kit (For 67 Material)

    Fair-Rite's HF Mini Power Kit contains various sizes of toroids and EQ/I cores allowing designers to test the advantages that 67 material brings to designs.

    By Fair-Rite Products Corp. 190