Сенсорлы жартылай өткізгіш


Сенсорлы жартылай өткізгіш
  • TS1100 Current-Sense Amplifiers

    With a low supply current consumption and have a 0.5% gain error, TS1100 current-sense amplifiers from Touchstone is optimized for precision current measurement.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 170

  • TS1101 Current-Sense Amplifiers

    Touchstone's TS1101 current-sense amplifier is a bi-directional current-sense amplifier with low supply current consumption and a wide input common-mode voltage range.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 242

  • TS1103 Current-Sense Amplifiers

    Touchstone's TS1103 current-sense amplifiers are self-powered and have a very low supply current and have a 0.6% gain error.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 193

  • TS1102 Current-Sense Amplifiers

    Touchstone's TS1102 current-sense amplifiers are a cost effective component for a variety of applications due to its low supply current consumption and a 0.5% gain error.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 201

  • TSM9117-TSM9120 Comparators

    The TSM9117–TSM9120 family of Nano power comparators from Touchstone Semiconductor.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 213

  • TS12001 Voltage Detector

    Touchstone's TS12001 voltage detector is a high-performance, analog integrated circuit optimized to provide an ultra-long operation lifetime.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 263

  • TS7001 Series ADC

    Touchstone's TS7001 ADC series features either one or two analog inputs with a range of 0 to VREF and 0 to VDD.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 258

  • TS12011/TS12012 Op Amps

    Touchstone's TS12011/TS12012 series features a single unit comprised of a 0.6 V reference, a 20 µs analog comparator, and an operational amplifier.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 250

  • TS1005 Operational Amplifier

    Touchstone's TS1005 operational amplifier is a bandwidth device with features including low power, 20 kHz gain bandwidth, and a precision CMOS operational amplifier.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 152

  • TS3003 Semi Oscillator/Timer

    Touchstone's TS3003 compact, portable oscillator/timers are optimized for ultra long life.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 136

  • TS3006 Semi Oscillator/Timer

    Touchstone's TS3006 oscillator/timers help to reduce PCB area by up to 25% and have a factor of 10 lower power consumption over CMOS based components.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 144

  • TS1003 Operational Amplifier

    Touchstone's TS1003 operational amplifier is a high-performance analog integrated circuit optimized for ultra-long battery powered applications.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 144

  • TSA7887 Series ADC Converter

    Touchstone's ADC converters are a self-contained and high speed alternate source for AD7887 in battery-powered systems.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 146

  • TS9002 IC Comparator

    Touchstone's TS9002 comparators are draw lower supply currents and have a better initial accuracy reference voltage.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 208

  • TS3300 Boost + Output Load Switch

    Touchstone's TS3300 boost + output load switch is highly efficient boost regulators combined with an output load switch create this semi power-management product.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 134

  • TS3001 CMOS Oscillator

    Touchstone's TS3001 is a portable, battery-powered CMOS oscillator that contains features that make it optimized to provide an ultra-long lifetime.

    By Touchstone Semiconductor 279