Altech корпорациясы


Altech корпорациясы
  • EK Series Enclosures

    Altech's EK series enclosures are designed for standard IEC components, such as circuit breakers, switches, and other control devices.

    By Altech Corporation 136

  • Multi-Color LED Tower Light

    Altech’s multi-color LED tower light with buzzer and flasher mode that can light up in five different colors.

    By Altech Corporation 176

  • PSC Power Supplies

    Altech’s compact, single phase power supplies are designed for high efficiency, low power consumption, and space savings.

    By Altech Corporation 160

  • Motor Disconnect Switches

    Altech’s full line of motor and power disconnect switches that are UL60947-4-1A approved and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

    By Altech Corporation 332

  • CBI Series UPS

    Altech's CBI series UPS combine the requirements of several applications into one device.

    By Altech Corporation 141

  • MID-SNS Current Sense Transformers

    Wurth's MID-SNS series transformers are ideal for industrial switch mode power supplies, precise current measurement, and feedback control applications.\r\n\r\n\r\n W

    By Altech Corporation 125

  • Modular APD System

    Altech’s power distribution (APD) system provides flexible solutions for busing common power to many different electrical components.

    By Altech Corporation 242

  • CX Series Spring Contact Terminal Blocks

    Altech’s CX series spring contact terminal blocks are single and dual circuit terminal blocks using simple push-in wiring.

    By Altech Corporation 193

  • Polyflex® Cable Conduit System

    Altech's Polyflex® cable conduit system offers superior wire and cable protection and uses locking connectors for pass-through panel connections.

    By Altech Corporation 142

  • UL Recognized Insulated Wire Ferrules

    Altech’s UL recognized insulated wire ferrules for the control circuit of a UL508A panel are available in sizes from 24 AWG up to 530 MCM.

    By Altech Corporation 132

  • PCB Mounted Safety Relays

    Altech’s PCB mounted safety relays contain force-guided contacts so normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts cannot be closed at the same time.

    By Altech Corporation 149