• Tilted Diamond Signal Lamp Series

    RAFI's Tilted Diamond+ 50,000-hour maintenance-free signal lamps with 360 degree viewing using light refraction.

    By RAFI 104

  • Lumotast 22 Emergency Stop Push Buttons

    RAFI's extremely compact, Lumotast 22 emergency stop push buttons feature a low mounting depth of 27 mm and are designed for a mounting hole diameter of 22.3 mm.

    By RAFI 87

  • RAFIX 22+ FS USB Feedthroughs

    RAFI's RAFIX 22+ FS rugged USB feedthrough adapters use a 22.3 mm mounting hole diameter that matches the RAFIX 22 FS and RAFIX 22 QR actuator series.

    By RAFI 115

  • RAFIX 22 FS+ Control Components

    RAFI's RAFIX 22 FS+ control component generation provides designers with a basis for designs plus fast and cost-efficient installation options requiring a minimum amount of space.

    By RAFI 81

  • MICON 5 Tactile Switches

    MICON 5 tactile switches, by RAFI, offer a high level of switching reliability while requiring a minimum amount of space and are offered with SMT and THT connection types.

    By RAFI 88

  • RAFIX 22 FS+ Series Key Lock

    RAFI is providing a very compact solution to ensure operational functions with the keyswitch from the RAFIX 22 FS+ control component series.

    By RAFI 129

  • RAFIX 22 FSR Switches and Push Buttons

    RAFI's RAFIX 22 FSR switches and push buttons are designed for rough outdoor use where dust, dirt, lubricants, moisture, and extreme temperatures are present.

    By RAFI 467

  • RAFIX 30 FS+ Series Control Components

    RAFI's pushbuttons from the RAFIX 30 FS+ series control components have an overall height of only 3.45 mm and a low mounting depth of only 15.8 mm.

    By RAFI 62

  • Short-Travel Adapter

    RAFI's short-travel adapter allows the use of the MICON 5 series as a contact block for push buttons of the RAFIX 22 FS+ and RAFIX 30 FS+ control component series.

    By RAFI 92

  • Lumotast 16 mm Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Safety Swit

    RAFI's Lumotast 16 mm E-Stop family of safety switches have an 18.2 mm mounting depth, saving space and allowing designers to create slim and compact designs.

    By RAFI 79

  • Active/Inactive E-Stops

    RAFI's active/inactive versions of the Lumotast 16, Lumotast 22, and RAFIX 22 FS+ E-stops feature a lighted mushroom head and are ideal for handheld devices.

    By RAFI 91

  • LUMOTAST 16 Series Compact Pushbutton Switches

    RAFI's LUMOTAST 16 series is ideally suited for designs that require both customizable switch input, and emergency shutdown capabilities.

    By RAFI 85

  • RACON Series Tactile Switches

    RAFI's RACON series tactile switches feature distinct key click and are well-suited for applications that require long life.

    By RAFI 76

  • Emergency Stop Switches (E-Stops)

    RAFI’s eight series of E-Stop switches, with hundreds of actuators, contact styles, and ratings, are suitable for a wide range of industry applications.

    By RAFI 82

  • RF 15 Series Tactile Switches

    RAFI’s RF 15 series tactile switches incorporate keycaps, light guides, and LEDs into one package.

    By RAFI 508

  • RAMO Standalone Industrial Controls and Indicators

    RAFI's RAMO series mono constructed industrial controls provides highly economical and easy-to-install alternatives to traditional 22 mm and 30 mm product.

    By RAFI 322