Иллинойс конденсаторы


Иллинойс конденсаторы
  • RJD Series Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

    Illinois Capacitor's RJD Series batteries incorporate a new encapsulation technology which significantly increases storage capacity by completely utilizing the space within the cell case.

    By Illinois Capacitor 210

  • DGH Series Supercapacitors

    Illinois Capacitor's DGH series supercapacitors are designed for applications including battery backup alternatives, UPS systems mobile, mechanical actuators, LED displays, and energy harvesti

    By Illinois Capacitor 216

  • MPX/MPXB Series Interference Suppressor Capacitors

    Illinois Capacitor’s all-weather MPX/MPXB series metalized polypropylene capacitors suppress conducted electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).

    By Illinois Capacitor 98

  • QPC Series Motor Run Capacitors

    Illinois Capacitor's unique QPC motor run capacitors have exclusive quick-connect wire-insertion sockets that eliminate the need for terminal blocks.

    By Illinois Capacitor 186

  • HC and LC Series Conduction Cooled Capacitors

    Illinois Capacitor's HC and LC series capacitors are more than capable of supporting a full range of industrial & high capacity battery-charging applications.

    By Illinois Capacitor 97