Fremont Micro Devices АҚШ


Fremont Micro Devices АҚШ
  • FT8260 Isolated LED Driver

    Fremont Micro Devices' FT8260 family of primary side drivers targets LED designs, and with integrated PFC simplify LED lighting design by eliminating the secondary-side feedback components an

    By Fremont Micro Devices USA 120

  • FT25Cxx Series Serial EEPROMs

    Fremont Micro Devices' 20 MHz SPI interface EEPROMs support applications requiring byte-level reads and writes and require no sector erases prior to writes.

    By Fremont Micro Devices USA 118

  • FT833 Constant Current LED Driver Family

    Fremont Micro Devices' FT833xxx is a high-precision, primary-side feedback and regulation constant current driver for LED lighting applications.

    By Fremont Micro Devices USA 102