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Samtec Inc
  • SSM/TSM Series Board-Stacking Solutions

    Samtec's board-stacking interconnects feature a wide variety of designs, pitches, post height options, orientations, and body positions.

    By Samtec Inc 577

  • Tiger Eye™ Interconnect Systems

    Samtec’s Tiger Eye™ interconnect systems are available in three pitches and are designed for micro rugged, high-reliability, high-cycle applications.

    By Samtec Inc 651

  • HSEC8 High-Speed Edge Card Connectors

    Samtec’s high-speed edge card connectors are available in a variety of pitches and orientations and feature Edge Rate® contacts for increased cycle life.

    By Samtec Inc 824

  • SEARAY™ High-Density Open Pin Field Arrays

    Samtec's SEARAY™ open pin field arrays feature a 0.050" x 0.050" (1.27 mm x 1.27 mm) pitch grid for maximum grounding and routing flexibility.

    By Samtec Inc 493

  • Q Strip® High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors

    Samtec’s Q Strip® connectors have surface mount signal contacts and a surface mount ground plane between the signal rows for improved electrical performance.

    By Samtec Inc 295

  • SFSD Series Double Row Discrete Wire Cable Assembl

    Samtec's Tiger Eye™ assemblies are shrouded, polarized, keyed, offer a variety of pin counts, single or double row, optional retention latches, and screw downs.

    By Samtec Inc 536

  • MMSD Series Flexible Power Cable Assembly

    Samtec’s Mini Mate® series is a discrete wire cable assembly on 0.100” (2.54 mm) pitch with 20 AWG to 30 AWG wire with contacts rated up to 4.8 A per pin.

    By Samtec Inc 683

  • Edge Rate® High-Speed Contact System

    Samtec’s Edge Rate® contact system featuring the ERM8 and ERF8 series is designed for high speeds up to 56 Gbps PAM4 as well as high-cycle applications.

    By Samtec Inc 410

  • UMPx Series 2.00 mm Ultra Micro Power Interconnect

    Samtec’s mPOWER™ connector is a high-power/small form factor power interconnect with up to 21 A per blade.

    By Samtec Inc 585

  • MEC5 Micro Edge Card Connector

    Samtec's MEC5 edge card connector is a flexible solution with multiple pin count and orientation options.

    By Samtec Inc 654