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Molex Inc
  • In-Vehicle USB Charger for BC 1.2 Profile

    Off-the-shelf USB battery chargers from Molex deliver 5 V and 1.5 A for multiple in-vehicle locations and save in tooling and engineering costs.

    By Molex Inc 143

  • IP67-Rated HarshIO Modules

    Molex supplies machine-mountable HarshIO modules to support all major industrial fieldbuses including PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET IO.

    By Molex Inc 145

  • Push-Button Pendant Products

    Molex’s Woodhead® push-button pendant products are ergonomically designed hand-held control boxes.

    By Molex Inc 152

  • mPm DIN Valve Connectors

    Molex's range of field attachable DIN valve connectors provide unsurpassed sealing properties and increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory and lower applied cos

    By Molex Inc 175

  • Woodhead Super-Safeway Testers

    Molex's Woodhead Super-Safeway testers perform basic-verification and multi-function wire testing.

    By Molex Inc 145

  • Brad PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO Modules

    Molex's Brad PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO modules are designed for factory automation and bring versatility and cost-savings to complex system designs.

    By Molex Inc 128

  • Electric Bench Press Crimping Machine

    Molex's electric bench press crimping machine features a faster termination compared to manual hand tools and a 10 mm per second crimp speed.

    By Molex Inc 137

  • USB Smart Charge Modules

    Molex's 68532 series USB smart charge modules affordable and versatile, these smart charger interfaces are tested to 10,000 mating cycles.

    By Molex Inc 222

  • GWconnect Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure Boxes

    Molex's GWconnect aluminum enclosures come in three color choices (black, gray, or natural), in various thicknesses, and sizes.

    By Molex Inc 106

  • Woodhead® Stringlights

    Molex's large variety of Woodhead stringlights are constructed for rugged, reliable service in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings.

    By Molex Inc 200

  • Woodhead Wide-Area Lighting Products

    Molex's Woodhead portable, wide-area lighting products are designed for rugged and harsh applications for hazardous, wet, and industrial environments.

    By Molex Inc 145

  • Sensorcon CO and H2S Inspector Series

    Inspector series sensing solutions by Molex detect carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide in applications for the home or complex PCB and sensor integrations.

    By Molex Inc 108

  • Hand Tools for Wire Ferrules

    Molex's lightweight and compact hand tools for wire ferrules meet wiring requirements in accordance with electrical codes for home and automotive applications.

    By Molex Inc 134

  • Thin-Film Battery

    Molex’s thin-film battery is a low-profile, flexible, disposable battery with a small footprint designed for low-power single-use applications.

    By Molex Inc 204

  • Pneumatic Stripping Machine

    Molex’s pneumatic wire stripper is designed for large gauge wires from Ø of 4 mm to 15 mm or 6 mm² to 70 mm² (AWG 9-2/0).

    By Molex Inc 175

  • EtherCAT Junction Boxes

    Molex EtherCAT junction boxes support flexible wiring configurations and mounting options in line, tree, or star topologies in a compact footprint.

    By Molex Inc 183

  • Standard LGX Fiber Enclosures

    Molex's standard LGX fiber enclosures are designed for the interconnection of patch cables routing, in-rack splicing, or MTP/MPO cassette installation.

    By Molex Inc 142

  • FA2 Crimp Applicators

    Molex's FA2 crimp applicators offer pneumatic and mechanical feed and are designed to industry-standard mounting.

    By Molex Inc 141

  • BRAD® mPm® DIN Valve Connectors

    Molex's DIN valve connectors increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory, and lower applied costs for a variety of applications.

    By Molex Inc 149

  • Contrinex 120254 Series Photoelectric Sensors

    Molex’s Contrinex 120254 series photoelectric sensors are robust, self-contained photoelectric sensors with an integrated IO-link.

    By Molex Inc 183