• SGC3 Series, Ultra-Thin, Surface-Mount Trimmers

    Sprague Goodman offers their miniature and ultra-thin, surface-mount trimmers.

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  • FILMTRIM® Series Plastic Dielectric Capacitor

    Sprague Goodman introduces their FILMTRIM capacitors and offers a wide variety of capacitance ranges in various adjustment angles.

    By Sprague-Goodman 114

  • SGC3NM Series Chip Trimmer Capacitors

    Sprague Goodman's SGC3NM series chip trimmer capacitors are non-magnetic, miniature, ultra-thin SMT devices. They are intended for telecom and microwave projects requiring miniaturization.

    By Sprague-Goodman 172

  • SGNMNC Series Trimmer Capacitors

    Sprague Goodman's SGNM is the industry’s first high-voltage, non-magnetic, ceramic, dielectric trimmer capacitor line and makes the parts more stable and versatile than other high voltage capa

    By Sprague-Goodman 186

  • GAA Series Dielectric Multiturn Trimmer Capacitors

    Sprague Goodman's GAA series dielectric multiturn trimmer capacitors provide excellent stability with a variety of mounting styles.

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  • Trimmer Capacitor Kits

    Sprague Goodman offers design engineers a new offering of trimmer capacitor kits that allow engineers to select, tune, and adjust to their needs all from one kit and offering.

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  • SGNMA3T Series Non-Magnetic Variable Trimmer Capac

    Sprague Goodman's SGNMA3T series trimmer capacitors feature high voltage PTFE dielectric, high precision, and multi-turn economical solution.

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  • SGNM Trimmer Capacitors

    Sprague Goodman's SGNM trimmer capacitor line designed for use in MRI and NMR Coils as well as transmitting and receiving sections of MRI and NMR machines.

    By Sprague-Goodman 259

  • SGNM10KV High Voltage Trimmer Capacitors

    Sprague Goodman's SGNM10KV trimmer capacitors are designed for semiconductor equipment, high voltage aerospace/defense applications, and MRI/NMR projects.

    By Sprague-Goodman 197