Импульстік электроника желісі


Импульстік электроника желісі
  • HDBaseT™ LAN Isolation/Common Mode Filter Transfor

    Pulse Electronic's HDBaseT technology enables the 5Play™ feature set, which includes ultra-high definition 4K video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, and various control signals.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 109

  • Embedded LTE Antenna for Cellular Bands

    Pulse's W3796 offers a small antenna (40 x 7 x 3 mm) that is reflow solderable onto PCBs for low-cost, high-volume applications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 145

  • 2.5GBase-T Ethernet Magnetic Modules

    Pulse Electronics HU series magnetic modules are ideal for applications requiring higher bandwidth and PoE function such as base stations, 802.11ac access points, routers, switches, and video disp

    By Pulse Electronics Network 128

  • Battery Management System (BMS) Components for Saf

    Pulse Electronics Network's line of isolation transformers and common mode chokes are designed for use in battery management systems for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 112

  • Ethernet Magnetics Module for Medical Applications

    Pulse Networking's HXU6200NL four pair 30 W Ethernet magnetics for medical applications such as MRI machines, surgical equipment, and CPAPs.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 115

  • Automotive Ethernet Common Mode Chokes - AE Series

    Pulse Network's AE Series CMCs offer high-reliability, high-volume manufacturing, longterm manufacturing support, and meet AEC-Q200 requirements.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 128

  • HDBaseT™ Industrial Transformer and Common Mode Ch

    Pulse Electronics Networking's HDBaseT™ industrial transformer and common mode choke for improved EMI performance and power over HDBaseT (PoH) applications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 96

  • Wire Wound Common Mode Chip Chokes - PE-1210CCMC S

    Pulse's PE-1210CCMC series can be used for Fast Ethernet and DC voltage supply lines for Power over Ethernet.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 106

  • Automotive Common Mode Chip Chokes – PE-1210ACC Se

    Pulse's PE-1210ACC size offers chip chokes accredited to the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q200 and complements their existing PE-1812ACC series.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 128

  • High-Isolation Ethernet Transformers

    Pulse’s high-isolation ethernet transformers have multiple options for working voltages, isolation voltages, and surge/impulse.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 150

  • Inductors 0201 0402 High Frequency Ceramic Chip

    Pulse Electronics has extended its inductor product offerings with a new line of high-frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 536

  • Common Mode ChipChoke™ Noise Filter

    Pulse Electronics has expanded their product offering to help eliminate common mode noise in high-speed signal transmission applications such as USB 2.0, IEEE1394, LVDS and HDMI™.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 129

  • Common Mode Choke 2 Line CAN-bus AEC-Q200

    Pulse's Common Mode Choke products are designed to provide superior performance in Automotive CANbus (Controller Area Network) networks.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 135

  • Component Solutions for Battery Management Systems

    Pulse Electronics' offers multiple component solutions for battery management systems (BMS) that support electrical vehicle and energy storage applications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 114

  • 10GBASE-T Integrated Connector Module

    Pulse Electronics' 10GBASE-T integrated connector module supports 10 GB server and storage applications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 227

  • PulseJack™ JXR0/1 Series RJ45 Connectors

    Pulse Electronics' PulseJack JXR0/1 Series RJ45 connectors are designed for industrial rated applications suitable for reflow solder mounting.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 189

  • 10GBASE-T Ultra-Low-Profile RJ45 Integrated Connec

    Pulse offers their JT3-1101HL ultra-low-profile offset and halogen-free 10GBASE-T (10 Gbit/s Ethernet over unshielded twisted-pair) RJ45 integrated connector module (ICM) for server, router, and s

    By Pulse Electronics Network 110

  • JD Series Integrated Connector with Magnetics (ICM

    Pulse 1 x 1 ICMs are designed to comply with IEEE standards, have industry standard footprints, function with all major PHY’s, and support high volume production.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 118

  • USB 3.1 Type-C 10 Gbps 100 Watts Connectors

    Pulse Electronics' USB 3.1 Type C compact connectors deliver speeds up to 10 Gbps and power up to 100 watts making them useful in various applications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 122

  • 10GBASE-T POE Integrated Connector Module (ICM) JT

    Pulse Electronics' JT7 series of 1 x 1, 10GBASE-T, 4-pair PoE-integrated connector modules (ICMs) are designed to meet IEEE 802.3an specifications.

    By Pulse Electronics Network 104