• VJ Series Antennas

    Vishay's VJ series are small form-factor, high-performance chip-antennas used for medical, industrial, and RFID applications.

    By Vishay/Vitramon 103

  • VJ 6040 and VJ 3505 Chip Antennas

    Vishay's multilayer ceramic chip antennas eliminate the need for large external antennas in portable consumer electronics.

    By Vishay/Vitramon 81

  • Automotive Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

    Vishay's automotive MLCCs are highly robust and reliable used for "under the hood" automotive applications.

    By Vishay/Vitramon 69

  • VJ Series COG Dielectric

    Vishay's VJ Series ceramic chip capacitors are safety screened to ensure they do not interfere with magnetic fields.

    By Vishay/Vitramon 161

  • QUAD HiFREQ Series

    Vishay's QUAD HiFREQ series offers high serial resonant frequency and parallel resonant frequency, providing high performance in critical applications.

    By Vishay/Vitramon 106