Flambeau, Inc.


Flambeau, Inc.
  • A-Series Slim Line Boxes

    Flambeau's A-Series boxe's styrene material gives these boxes an extremely high clarity for viewing the contents inside.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 234

  • Waterproof Tuff Tainers

    Flambeau’s waterproof boxes offer tight sealing snap-shut latches, open interior visibility, are chemically resistant, and have good impact resistance.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 160

  • Docu-Box™

    Flambeau's Docu-Box provides protection and storage for documents, regardless of environmental conditions or place of storage.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 164

  • Waterproof Satchels

    Flambeau's waterproof satchels feature a thick durable wall construction with a 360° seal for water protection.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 185

  • Tradesman™ Line of Versatile Cases

    Flambeau’s Tradesman cases can be used to protect, store, and display hundreds of varieties of products.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 518

  • Electrostatic Sensitive Device Packaging

    Flambeau’s anti-static slim-line cases are made from static dissipative material and offer ESD protection for electrostatic-sensitive devices.

    By Flambeau, Inc. 153