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Littelfuse Inc
  • Advanced Bluetooth® Enabled Overload Relay Pr

    Littelfuse's MP8000 are advanced motor protection electronic overload relays, fully programmable via Bluetooth.

    By Littelfuse Inc 78

  • MM Series NTC Thermistors

    U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse's MicroMELF "MM" series are extremely reliable surface mount thermistors are capable of withstanding severe environmental conditions.

    By Littelfuse Inc 243

  • PTC Thermistors

    U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse's silicon PTC thermistors display a nearly linear positive temperature coefficient of resistance in a wide temperature range.

    By Littelfuse Inc 622

  • UL Recognized Thermistors

    UL recognized thermistors from U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse offer stability and reliability at a high maximum operating temperature.

    By Littelfuse Inc 188

  • RTD Series

    U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse's thin film platinum RTD series temperature sensors operate in a wide temperature range and have long term stability.

    By Littelfuse Inc 181

  • Clip On Thermistor

    U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse's clip on thermistors provide fast and accurate thermal response and can be used in applications where high moisture and high humidity are present.

    By Littelfuse Inc 274

  • Overmolded Sensors

    Overmolded sensors from U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse provide exceptional environmental protection and easy mounting for ambient and surface temperate measurement applications.

    By Littelfuse Inc 173

  • Flat Hall Effect Sensors - 55300 Series

    Littelfuse's flat pack sensor allows 360 degree angular sensing.

    By Littelfuse Inc 99

  • MHP-TAM Over-Temperature Protection Devices

    LIttelfuse metal hybrid PPTC (MHP) device, the MHP-TAM, offers a 9 VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical battery strap devices.

    By Littelfuse Inc 82

  • Firecracker Compact Reed Sensor 59022 Series

    Littelfuse’s 59022 series firecracker reed sensor is a compact, cylindrical, magnetically operated sensor capable of switching up to 265 VAC / 300 VDC at 10 W / VA.

    By Littelfuse Inc 125

  • Reed Sensors for Position and Limit Sensing 59140

    Littelfuse 59140 series are miniature flange mounting reed sensors that occupy only 3.22 cm2 board space and their case design enables screw or adhesive mounting.

    By Littelfuse Inc 79

  • Reed Sensors for Press Fit Installation 59040 Seri

    Littelfuse 59040 series press-fit Firecracker reed sensors are small, cylindrical reed sensors 31 mm long that press into a 9.5 mm diameter hole.

    By Littelfuse Inc 113

  • High-Temperature Glass Encapsulated Thermistors

    U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse’s DO-35 glass encapsulated thermistors are hermetically sealed devices capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300°C.

    By Littelfuse Inc 153

  • Hybrid PPTC Battery Mini-Breaker (TCO) – MHP-TAT18

    Littelfuse's MHP-TAT18 mini-breaker with resettable thermal cut-off (TCO) helps circuit designers meet battery safety requirements.

    By Littelfuse Inc 86

  • Hybrid Battery Mini-Breakers (TCO and PPTC Devices

    Littelfuse’s MHP-TAC series hybrid battery mini-breakers (TCO/PPTC devices) offer higher voltage rating (12 VDC) and smaller size than typical MHP-TAM devices.

    By Littelfuse Inc 121

  • SMF Series TVS Diode

    Littelfuse’s SMF series low-profile package, TVS diode is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by DC line spikes and ESD.

    By Littelfuse Inc 147

  • SMA6L Series SMA TVS Diode

    The SMA6L Series from Littelfuse is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.

    By Littelfuse Inc 103

  • LED Dimmer Triac/QUADRAC Thyristors

    The Q6008LH1LED and Q6012LH1LED series of AlternistorTriac and QUADRAC thyristor power control devices designed for use in a dimmer circuit.

    By Littelfuse Inc 114

  • MG Series IGBT Power Semiconductor Modules

    An expanded offering of insulated-gate bipolar transistor module products for motor control and inverter applications is now available from Littelfuse.

    By Littelfuse Inc 124

  • IGBT and Rectifier Diode Power Modules MG and MD S

    Littelfuse's IGBT and rectifier diode modules offer choice of standard packages or customized solutions to meet exacting performance standards.

    By Littelfuse Inc 134