Motor Drivers for Camera Applications

By ON Semiconductor 239

Motor Drivers for Camera Applications

ON Semiconductor provides a selection of miniature-sized motor drivers optimally suited for applications in Digital Still Camera and PoE Security Camera designs. The drivers support forward, reverse, brake and standby operations. These motor drivers are available in varying numbers of output channels.

  • Low-'on'-resistance
  • Built-in low voltage prevention circuitry
  • Miniature packaging
  • Built-in photo sensor drive transistor
  • No control power supply needed
  • Thermal shutdown circuitry
  • Low heat generation, high efficiency
  • Low voltage detection
  • Small design footprint
  • Fewer external components
  • Easy design
  • Thermal protection
End Products
  • PoE security camera
  • Digital still camera
  • CCTV
  • Network camera
  • Battery operated devices
  • Stepper/brushed DC motors
  • Industrial
  • Portable and wireless