Bud Industries


Bud Industries
  • PTS Series Fiberglass Boxes

    Bud Industries' PTS series joins the PIP and PTQ series of NEMA IP67 rated boxes made of high impact resistance, gray, polycarbonate (PC) resins combined with 10% glass fibers, offering extrem

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  • ATX Series Enclosures

    Bud Industries introduces their high-quality, ATEX-certified, explosion-proof enclosures.

    By Bud Industries 13

  • EXN Series PCB Enclosures

    Bud Industries high quality extrusions offer a great combination of beauty and functionality, IP66 rating and a wide selection of sizes and colors.

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  • AN-A Series Waterproof Enclosures

    Bud Industries' AN-A series die-cast aluminum waterproof enclosures are ideal for housing sensitive electronic assemblies and is designed to IP68.

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  • Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Enclosures

    Bud Industries' Raspberry Pi ABS plastic enclosures specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B, and 3B+.

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  • PTK Series Polycarbonate Enclosures with Knock Out

    Bud Industries' high impact resistance gray polycarbonate (PC) resin 10% glass fiber filled molded hinged cover enclosures are rated IP67 (TUV).

    By Bud Industries 16

  • DMB Series DIN Rail Mount Multi-Board Boxes

    Bud Industries’ DMB series plastic PC mount terminal boxes feature DIN rail mounting, snap-in multiple board capacity, and easy access to board terminals.

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  • PTT Series Junction Boxes

    Bud Industries' high impact (IK 07/08) resistance terminal block junction boxes provide protection and ease the access to wiring.

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  • FBR Series Fiber Optic Distribution Enclosures

    Bud Industries’ FBR series fiber-optic distribution enclosures are wholly enclosed and molded from high-quality, lightweight polycarbonate ABS blended material.

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  • Hand-Held Plastic Enclosures

    Bud Industries' hand-held plastic enclosures feature internal PCB mounting bosses in a compact, ergonomic design.

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