DLI біледі


DLI біледі
  • High Frequency Power Dividers

    Knowles Dielectric Labs power dividers incorporate low loss high permittivity ceramics which provide small size and temperature stability.

    By Knowles DLI 114

  • SMT Directional Couplers

    Knowles DLI's surface-mount directional coupler series span the frequency spectrum of C, X, and Ku bands.

    By Knowles DLI 138

  • V Series Single Layer Capacitor (SLC)

    V series by Knowles Dielectric Labs was designed to provide higher capacitance in a smaller footprint.

    By Knowles DLI 83

  • High Frequency 5G SMD Filters

    Knowles DLI's high frequency bandpass, lowpass, and highpass surface-mount filters are small size, fully shielded components.

    By Knowles DLI 112

  • Xtreme Series Broadband Blocks

    Knowles Dielectric Labs' PX series of Xtreme broadband blocks provides reliability solutions for DC blocking.

    By Knowles DLI 88