Switchcraft, Inc.


Switchcraft, Inc.
  • Sealed Power Plugs and Jacks

    Switchcraft's sealed power plugs and jacks are made with a rating of IP68 / NEMA 250 (6P), making this device perfect for harsh environments.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 421

  • Shielded Tini-QG® Connectors

    Switchcraft's shielded Tini-QG® connectors are high quality, rugged connectors that include shielding from EMI and RF interference.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 348

  • 3.5 mm Inline Jacks

    Switchcraft's 3.5 mm inline jack made from a solid metal housing simplifies terminations and allows up to 5,000 insertion/withdrawal cycle ratings.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 379

  • EN2™ Sealed Cord Connector

    Switchcraft's EN2 sealed cord connectors with a lifetime rating of 600 insertion/withdraw cycles and an operating temperature range of -40˚C to 85˚C.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 319

  • EN3® Series Right-Angle PC Board Panel Connec

    Switchcraft's EN3® series connectors have a slim design, occupying less space on the rear of the connector and allowing for closer spacing between connectors on a panel.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 128

  • Compact and Durable Push-Pull Connectors

    Switchcraft’s Dura-Pull series offers up to nine contacts in a durable metal connector only 1/2" in diameter.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 679

  • Stereo Panel Mount 3.5 mm Jacks

    Switchcraft's high-quality jacks are available in a wide variety of options, including sealed to IP66 standards.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 279

  • High-Temperature DC Power Jacks and Plugs

    Switchcraft's high-temperature DC power jacks and plugs are ideal for applications with high ambient temperature.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 264

  • BKZ Series Locking Power Jacks

    Switchcraft’s BKZ series solves the common problem of accidental disconnect by adding a sturdy twist-lock to their most popular form factor.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 302

  • Ergonomic Pendant Switch with Cable

    Switchcraft's ergonomic pendant switch was designed to fit more comfortably in the hand and features an easier to press button than any other switch.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 257

  • Sealed Momentary Cable Switch

    The sealed switch is an extension of Switchcraft's EP900 product line and adds an IP67 rated sealed handle. Several EP913 applications include for use outdoors.

    By Switchcraft, Inc. 324