• ATCA Family of Switches

    C&K has developed a variety of detect switches for use in Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) applications: the MDS, SDS, and HDT series.

    By C&K 259

  • KSJ Series Silent Detect Switch with Wide-Angle an

    C&K's silent detect switch features high actuation tolerances along with silent and linear operation during actuation with no tactile effect.

    By C&K 208

  • Industrial Pushbutton Switch

    C&K's illuminated pushbutton switches are available with multiple colored caps, allowing users to order one base switch with multiple color caps.

    By C&K 166

  • TFS Series Snap-Acting Switches

    The TFS series from C&K provides an operating life of up to 100,000 cycles and features sealed, miniature, snap-acting switches with IP ratings for dust and moisture protection.

    By C&K 190

  • Rolling Ball Tilt Switch

    C&K's rolling ball tilt switch is ideal for movement detection, safety devices, white goods, and consumer electronic applications.

    By C&K 200

  • Interlock Pushbutton Switches

    C&K's DS series interlock pushbutton switches have a reliable snap-action mechanism and a single-pole double-throw as well as a double-pole double-throw function.

    By C&K 524

  • ITS Series Tactile Switches

    C&K's ITS series of vertical and right-angle illuminated tactile switches are available in a wide range of LED colors for greater flexibility when designing.

    By C&K 104

  • Broad Line of Detect Switches

    C&K has developed a broad line of detect switches for ATCA and AMC use in portable medical equipment.

    By C&K 83

  • KMT0 Switches

    C&K Components' KMT0 series is fully resistant to the most stringent conformal polymer coatings, including one of the smallest particle chemical vapors, parylene.

    By C&K 78

  • FP Series Pushbutton Switches

    With its ultra-miniature size and versatility, C&K's pushbutton switches are ideal for use in telecom and datacom applications.

    By C&K 54

  • TDP Series DIP Switches

    C&K's TDP series is one of the first available ultra-miniature, surface-mount, half-pitch, side-actuated DIP switches.

    By C&K 64

  • HDT Series Detect Switches

    C&K's HDT series of detect switches features low-profile packaging and a low actuation force of 35 grams (maximum).

    By C&K 82

  • KMT Series Switches

    C&K's KMT series switches feature a small footprint with an integrated actuator (push plate) and a 50% longer operational life as compared to similar products.

    By C&K 98

  • JSX Series Sub-Miniature Slide Switch

    C&K's JSX series features extended electrical and mechanical life for digital consumer electronic applications.

    By C&K 170

  • HDP Series Micro Mini, Side-Actuated SMD Detect Sw

    C&K has developed a micro-miniature, side-actuated detect switch with an ultra-low, board-mounted profile and offers two color-coded options to distinguish between the right- and left-hand act

    By C&K 64

  • TF2 Series Miniature Snap-Acting Switches

    Miniature snap-acting switches from C&K are ideal for use in a variety of applications.

    By C&K 68

  • KXT Series Switches

    C&K's surface mount KXT series switches have an ultra-low board-mounted profile of just 0.58 mm.

    By C&K 71

  • KSC Series Ultra-Long Life Tactile Switches

    C&K’s KSC series switches best match applications that require resistant switches.

    By C&K 84

  • PTS830 Series SMT Tactile Switches

    C&K introduces their PTS830 series of tactile switches.

    By C&K 63

  • APB Illuminated Pushbuttons

    C&K has announced that they have added painted and laser-etched symbols to the backlit caps on the APB series industrial pushbutton switches.

    By C&K 95