TXC корпорациясы


TXC корпорациясы
  • 7L/7Q Series Crystal Oscillators

    TXC's TCXOs are available in varying versions of temperature stability, voltage control functions, and operating voltages.

    By TXC Corporation 317

  • Differential Output Oscillators

    TXC's differential output oscillators have excellent phase noise and jitter specs and are able to address higher temperatures than CMOS oscillators.

    By TXC Corporation 305

  • BS, BT, CS and CT Series SAW Oscillators

    TXC's SAW based oscillator’s ideal for applications demanding lower costs, low phase noise, and the specs of differential output oscillators.

    By TXC Corporation 268

  • 9HT Series Quartz Crystals

    TXC's 9HT series of tuning fork crystals used to help save board space while continuing to fulfill the needs in smaller and lower profile components.

    By TXC Corporation 236

  • 7V Series Ceramic Crystals

    TXC's 7V series ceramic crystals offer a miniature yet robust package at a competitive price for cost sensitive applications.

    By TXC Corporation 251

  • 7XZ Series Oscillator

    TXC introduces the 7XZ miniature 32.768 KHz oscillator. Measuring 3.2 x 2.5 mm, with 1 mm in max height.

    By TXC Corporation 216

  • 7N and 7P Series TCXOs Oscillators

    TXC's 7N and 7P series of TCXOs oscillators provide wide frequency range and meet the requirements of the networking market.

    By TXC Corporation 216