Molex Connector корпорациясы


Molex Connector корпорациясы
  • 2.4 GHz SMD On-Ground Antenna

    Molex’s 2.4 GHz SMD antenna requires no ground clearance and offers significant PCB real-estate savings.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 143

  • SolarSpec™ Connectors

    By leveraging proven and reliable interfaces, engineers can design a cost effective interconnect system to meet the needs of any application.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 221

  • Micro-Fit 3.0 Interconnect System

    The Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 is a unique interconnect system designed to meet the need for a high contact density signal or power connector.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 168

  • QSFP and QSFP+ Interconnect Solutions

    Molex's quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP+) solution is designed for high-density applications.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 176

  • EXTreme Guardian Power Connector System

    Molex's EXTreme Guardian power connector system has an 11 mm pitch with 80 A per blade.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 217

  • Solderless Terminals

    Molex's ring and spade terminals, terminal blocks, heat-sealable terminals, wire management, and many other solderless solutions for cover all applications.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 238

  • iPass Connector and Cable Assembly Solutions

    Molex's iPass Interconnect System offers connectors and cable assemblies that enable flexible speed compatibility for applications ranging from 1.5 G to 10 G.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 183

  • USB Cable Assemblies, Connectors, and Ki

    Molex's USB cable assemblies, connectors, and kits are offered in a variety of styles.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 165

  • LED Array Holders

    Using unmatched interconnect technology, Molex provides a solderless solution to mounting LED arrays into OEM designs.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 212

  • Mini-Fit TPA Plugs and Receptacles

    Molex's Mini-Fit TPA plugs and receptacles handle up to 13 A and are ideal for high-current applications requiring a redundant terminal retention feature.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 172

  • Brad Mini-Change Connectors

    The Brad Mini-Change connector family from Molex is designed with a variety of configurations and advanced features to meet numerous connector requirements.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 209

  • SMA RF Connectors

    Molex SMA connectors are high-performance subminiature connectors for microwave frequencies.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 208

  • Industrial USB Type A and B Plugs and Receptacles

    High-performance results and ease-of-use make industrial USB connectors from Molex a valuable solution for a variety of harsh environment applications

    By Molex Connector Corporation 176

  • Perma-Seal Terminals

    Terminals and splices from Molex provide a rugged, environmentally sealed connection to withstand water, salt, condensation, corrosion and heat.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 110

  • Pico-EZmate Harness for Vero®

    Molex's Pico-EZmate harnesses provide the lowest-profile interconnect solution in the Solid State Lighting industry when used with and integrated header feature.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 187

  • Metric Ring Terminals

    Molex high-quality, seamless-barrel metric ring terminals allow for optimum fit and maximum electrical performance when crimping with metric screws.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 139

  • SRC - Sealed Rectangular Connectors

    Molex's 84-way sealed rectangular connectors use MX150 and MX150L terminals and are ideal for harsh applications in commercial vehicles.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 98

  • DuraClik™ Connector System

    Molex's DuraClik wire-to-board connector system provide secure mating and PCB retention, even in high-vibration applications.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 167

  • CLIK-Mate Wire-to-Board Connectors

    Molex CLIK-Mate connectors are designed for applications that require higher pin count connectors to carry more signal lines in less space.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 107

  • Mini-Fit Blind Mate Interface (BMI) Connectors

    Molex's Mini-Fit BMI connectors support 13.0 A current for high-current and high-density applications in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board applications.

    By Molex Connector Corporation 212