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Luminus Devices Inc
  • SST-90 Big Chip LED

    For maximum light output and efficacy from a single Big Chip, the SST-90 can replace arrays of low power LEDs.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 191

  • XNOVA Cube™ LED

    Luminus Devices' XNOVA Cube™ is an innovative, unique LED providing the benefits of a wide viewing angle, low thermal resistance, and high efficacy within a compact SMD footprint.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 216

  • CBT-90-W White LEDs

    Luminus Devices CBT-90-W White LEDs series are capable of producing up to 3,000 lumens at the top end input current.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 247

  • Mid-Power 3030 3 V LEDs

    Luminus mid-power LEDs lead the conversion of traditional general lighting solutions to solid-state technology and provide superior color rendering and efficacy.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 277

  • Mosaic Array Series UV Chip-on-Board LEDs

    Luminus mosaic array series UV LEDs offer high brightness combined with industry leading thermal resistance to produce a compact powerful UV light source.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 94

  • SBM-40-RGBW LEDs

    Luminus Devices' SBM-40-RGBW LEDs offer best-in-class lumen output and unmatched thermal efficiency.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 300

  • Generation 3 LED COB

    The Luminus Generation 3 LED chip on board (COB) array series delivers solutions for the most demanding spot lighting and horticulture lighting.

    By Luminus Devices Inc 546