Leader Tech Inc.


Leader Tech Inc.
  • Fabric Shielding Gaskets (FSG)

    Leader Tech’s unique Fabric Shielding Gasket structure is a combination of a highly conductive nickel/copper ripstop fabric and a resilient polyurethane foam core.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 107

  • Fingerstock (CuBe) Gaskets

    Leader Tech’s beryllium copper fingerstock gaskets are highly resilient gaskets available in a wide variety of profiles including slot mount, clip on, adhesive mount, and low profile options.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 138

  • Tech Clip

    Leader Tech's tech clip is a low-cost, off-the-shelf EMI shield clip that allows for the use of a 1-piece shield that is easily removable for PCB rework or maintenance.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 156

  • TechSil Conductive Elastomers

    Leader Tech's conductive elastomers are highly conductive and environmentally resistant gasket materials that come in many compositions and forms.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 121

  • Surface Mount Shields (SMS)

    Leader Tech's surface mount shields available in 1-piece and 2-piece options, with or without vent holes, in pre-tin steel or Alloy 770 material.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 119

  • CBS Shields

    Leader Tech's CBS shield is a modifiable 2-piece solution that requires no tooling and is a quick turn solution for prototyping, low, and mid-volume applications.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 99

  • Surface Mount Gaskets (SMG)

    The high-speed SMT assembly of Leader Tech's tape and reel supplied gaskets make this a low cost reliable assembly option.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 130

  • Ferrites

    Leader Tech’s ferrites assist in the reduction of unwanted electromagnetic energy on cable and ribbon type applications.

    By Leader Tech Inc. 112

  • Metal D-Sub Gaskets

    Leader Tech’s metal D-sub gaskets are an excellent choice for shielding multi-pin connectors and are available in beryllium copper for superior mechanical characteristics or in stainless steel for

    By Leader Tech Inc. 120