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Excelitas Technologies
  • OTFI-0100 High Output LED Fiber Optic Illuminators

    Excelitas Technologies LED fiber optic illuminators and modules are based on state-of-the-art solid state lighting technology.

    By Excelitas Technologies 123

  • Single-Photon Counting Modules

    Excelitas Technologies' single-photon counting modules are self-contained modules that meet the low light level analytical detection demands and enables faster, more affordable point of care d

    By Excelitas Technologies 289

  • HELIX-902-200 Si Avalanche Photodiode Module

    Excelitas Technologies’ HELIX-902-200 Si APD module is a compact, analog low-light-level detection (L3D) module employing their leading-edge Si APD chips.

    By Excelitas Technologies 96

  • PYD 1688 Low-Power Digital Motion Detection

    Excelitas Technologies’ DigiPyro® PYD 1688 is the latest addition to their industry-leading family of digital pyrodetectors and features sleep mode operation.

    By Excelitas Technologies 459

  • Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection

    Excelitas’ DigiPyro sets the standard for streamlined integration of smart motion and presence detection with all onboard electronics and compact design.

    By Excelitas Technologies 102

  • Versatile and Cost-Effective Pulsed Laser Diodes

    Excelitas Technologies’ pulsed laser diodes produce very high optical pulses centered at a wavelength of 905 nm and can emit light parallel or perpendicular.

    By Excelitas Technologies 85

  • DigiPyro® 1500 Series IR Pyroelectric Detecto

    Excelitas DigiPyro® 1500 series IR pyroelectric detectors are designed to meet the battery-operated requirements of next-generation smart home and mobile devices.

    By Excelitas Technologies 92

  • Low Power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 Motion Sensor

    Excelitas’ low power DigiPyro® PYD 1598 motion sensor converts signals to digital values using sigma-delta and DSP techniques.

    By Excelitas Technologies 98

  • DigiPyro®, DigiPile™, CaliPile™, and SMT 905

    Excelitas’ DigiPyro 1500 series detectors feature wake-up / sleep modes to promote power savings and extend service life.

    By Excelitas Technologies 85

  • LINOS Microbench™

    Excelitas Technologies’ original 4-rod cage system for high-precision optical systems.

    By Excelitas Technologies 129