Assmann WSW құрамдастары


Assmann WSW құрамдастары
  • Waterproof LEDs

    ASSMANN WSW Components' IP67-rated, waterproof LEDs are available in metal or plastic housing with solder pins for easy installation.

    By Assmann WSW Components 179

  • Cat 5e/Cat 6 Keystone Jacks and Cables

    ASSMANN's Cat 5e and Cat 6 tool-free keystone jacks come complete with a snap-tool and zip-tie for secure connection and are available in five colors.

    By Assmann WSW Components 179

  • USB 3.0 Cables and Connectors

    Assmann WSW Components' USB 3.0 cables and connectors will multiply the bandwidth tenfold over the USB 2.0 and meets all standards of USB-IF.

    By Assmann WSW Components 236

  • IDC Connectors and Cables

    ASSMANN WSW's IDC connectors and cables include sockets, headers, cable assemblies, d-sub connectors, cables, and DIP connectors.

    By Assmann WSW Components 191

  • Fiber Optic Patch Cord

    ASSMANN's fiber optic patch cord offers high bandwidth, supporting longer distances, and are ideal for Gigabit Ethernet applications.

    By Assmann WSW Components 140

  • Waterproof RJ45 Series Plugs and Jacks

    Assmann WSW Components' waterproof, RJ45 series plugs and jacks for wire-to-panel applications are CAT5E rated and offer a minimum life of 1,000 mating cycles.

    By Assmann WSW Components 77

  • Modular Connectors and Cables

    ASSMANN offers a large selection of modular connectors and cables including standard flat cords, modular jacks, reversed coiled cords, and more.

    By Assmann WSW Components 150

  • Waterproof Circular Connector Series

    ASSMANN’s waterproof circular connector series have a 5 A per contact current rating and are available in 3-, 4-, and 5-position contact counts.

    By Assmann WSW Components 97

  • D-Sub Waterproof Connectors Series

    ASSMANN WSW Components' D-Sub waterproof connectors are available in solder cup, right-angle, and vertical PCB mount types and are IP67 rated.

    By Assmann WSW Components 85

  • Waterproof Power Connector Series

    ASSMANN WSW Components' waterproof power connectors feature a minimum life of 1,000 mating cycles and are available in 4- and 7-pin counts.

    By Assmann WSW Components 98

  • Waterproof USB Connector Series

    Assmann's waterproof USB connectors are available as rear panel-mount receptacles and free-hanging plugs for receptacle cable assemblies and are also IP67 and USB 2.0 rated.

    By Assmann WSW Components 114

  • Power Cords

    ASSMANN's power cords are manufactured to ISO standards with end-to-end connectors or open-ended on one side for easy installation.

    By Assmann WSW Components 117

  • USB 3.1 Type C™ Connectors

    ASSMANN WSW Components' USB 3.1 super-speed type C™ connector offers further features and advantages with regard to new potential applications.

    By Assmann WSW Components 105

  • USB Type C Cables

    ASSMANN WSW Components’ cable assemblies offer a type C USB connector.

    By Assmann WSW Components 135

  • USB Cable Assemblies\t

    ASSMANN WSW Components' USB cables are available in 2 m, 30 m, and 5 m lengths and between series, standard, and extension configurations.\t

    By Assmann WSW Components 163

  • USB Connectors

    ASSMANN WSW Components offers a variety of USB connectors to fulfill the design requirements of customers.

    By Assmann WSW Components 118

  • SuperFlex Flexible-Flat-Cables

    ASSMANN WSW’s FFC cables provide low-profile and secure connections for applications that have multiple communication channels and high component density.

    By Assmann WSW Components 158

  • Pogo Pins

    ASSMANN WSW Components’ pogo pins provides highly durable and reliable connections with up to 1 million mating cycles.

    By Assmann WSW Components 86