• STR-A60xxM Series

    STR-A60xxM Series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a current-mode PWM controller IC.

    By Sanken 173

  • MPM Series DC/DC Converter Modules

    Sanken products are ideal for the replacement of a discrete DC-DC converter IC lower component count and save space.

    By Sanken 93

  • STA7130MPR Series Unipolar Driver ICs

    Sanken's STA7130MPR Series drivers are designed for low-voltage (up to 44 V output) motor applications.

    By Sanken 82

  • FMCA Series SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

    Sanken introduces its FMCA Series silicon carbide Schottky barrier diodes that have achieved low-leakage current and high-speed switching at high-temperature.

    By Sanken 79

  • FMKS 2000 Series Diode with Temperature Detection

    Sanken’s FMKS-2000 Series is an ultra-fast recovery diode (200 V reverse voltage) series with a SBD formed on the same die. This makes it possible to detect over-heating caused by over-current (te

    By Sanken 83

  • BR200 Series POL Converter Module

    Sanken's BR200 POL converter modules are board surface-mount type, DC/DC power modules.

    By Sanken 76

  • C Series Power Supplies

    Sanken's C-Series power supplies save design, production time and cost allowing multiple output voltages to match alternative application circuit requirements.

    By Sanken 103

  • PTS162M1212 1600 W High-Efficiency PSU

    Sanken introduces the PTS162M1212 1600W PSU designed for server and RAID applications.

    By Sanken 80