ABB енгізілген қуат


ABB енгізілген қуат
  • Hammerhead™ Series

    ABB Embedded Power's Hammerhead series offers an ultra-wide input voltage range from 18 VDC to 75 VDC with Total Efficiency™ architecture technology.

    By ABB Embedded Power 285

  • Barracuda™ Series DC-DC Converters

    A next generation of DC-DC power modules designed to support intermediate bus applications from ABB Embedded Power.

    By ABB Embedded Power 238

  • GigaTLynx™ POL Converter

    ABB Embedded Power's GigaTLynx™ POL Converter operates over a wide input voltage range and provides a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.7 VDC to 2.0 VDC.

    By ABB Embedded Power 263

  • Dlynx™ Series Non-Isolated Point-of-Load Modules

    ABB Embedded Power's Dlynx family of non-isolated point-of-load DC-DC board-mounted power modules are available in DOSA-based digital and analog versions.

    By ABB Embedded Power 629

  • PicoTLynx™ Series Non-Isolated DC/DC Power Convert

    POL converter is capable of continuous full-load operation under extreme conditions up to 85°C and no air flow from ABB.

    By ABB Embedded Power 174

  • CP2725AC54TEZ Rectifier

    ABB Embedded Power's CP2725AC54TEZ rectifier features a 80 PLUS™ platinum power-supply efficiency rating.

    By ABB Embedded Power 234

  • PIM400 Series ATCA Board Power Input Modules

    ABB's PIM400 series provides for a quick, simple, and elegant power solution to a wide variety of demanding and intelligent power system architectures.

    By ABB Embedded Power 148

  • SW / SC001 / 003 Series DC-DC Converter Power Modu

    ABB Embedded Power's SW / SC series power modules are isolated DC-DC converters that operate over a wide range of input voltage.

    By ABB Embedded Power 173

  • ProLynx™ Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter Series

    ABB's ProLynx family of DC-DC converters accelerates time to market by reducing the design cycle for applications requiring wide input voltage tolerance.

    By ABB Embedded Power 133

  • FLT Filter Series

    ABB Embedded Power's FLT filter series is available in 5 A, 10 A, and 20 A, and are optimized for high-frequency DC-DC modules.

    By ABB Embedded Power 141

  • EQW Series Power Modules

    ABB's EQW series delivers up to 25 A output current and offers remote On / OFF, remote sense, output voltage adjustment, overcurrent / voltage protection and over-temperature protections.

    By ABB Embedded Power 167

  • EHW Series DC-DC Converters

    ABB Embedded Power's EHW007-015 series DC-DC converters are designed for regulated single-output voltages from 5.0 VDC to 12.0 VDC.

    By ABB Embedded Power 203

  • GP100H3R48TEZ High-Efficiency Rectifier

    The ABB Embedded Power GP100H3R48TEZ rectifier provides significant efficiency improvements in the global platform of power supplies.

    By ABB Embedded Power 150

  • GDT080, GigaDLynx™, Point-of-Load Module

    ABB's 80 A, digital GigaDLynx, power modules are non-isolated, DC-DC converters that deliver up to 80 A of output current.

    By ABB Embedded Power 166

  • 12 A, ProLynx, Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Module

    ABB Embedded Power's ProLynx family of DC-DC converters accelerates speed to market by reducing design cycle for applications requiring a wide input voltage tolerance.

    By ABB Embedded Power 141

  • DLynx II™ Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter Series

    ABB Embedded Power's DLynx II™ family features highly accurate digital telemetry, space-saving Digital Tunable Loop™ technology, and exceptional current density.

    By ABB Embedded Power 645

  • CC3500AC52FB 3500 W Rectifier

    ABB's CC3500AC52FB high-density, fully enclosed, conduction-cooled packaging, it is designed for minimal space utilization and is highly expandable for future growth.

    By ABB Embedded Power 188

  • Hornet Voltage Regulators

    ABB Embedded Power’s Hornet family of modules are non-isolated board mounted power converters.

    By ABB Embedded Power 155

  • BoostLynx™ Boost Converters

    ABB Embedded Power's BoostLynx family of four products provide voltage step-up from an input voltage of 8 VDC to 16 VDC to an output voltage of 16 VDC to 34 VDC or 32 VDC to 54 VDC.

    By ABB Embedded Power 196

  • CAR2012TE and CAR2512TE Series Rectifiers

    ABB Embedded Power's highly efficient CAR2x12TE series power supplies are ideal for applications where mid to light load efficiency is of key importance.

    By ABB Embedded Power 162