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Seiko Instruments
  • SEIZAIKEN Silver Oxide Batteries

    Seiko Instruments' SEIZAIKEN silver oxide batteries have high reliability, high leak resistance, low self-discharge, and stable voltage, making them an optimal choice for applications where ve

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  • MS Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

    Seiko's MS lithium rechargeable batteries offer long cycle life and highly stable overdischarge characteristics.

    By Seiko Instruments 191

  • TS Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

    Seiko Instruments TS lithium rechargeable batteries are low-voltage rechargeable, high capacity, RoHS compliant, and are approved by UL and others.

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  • MS T Series Extended Temperature Range Lithium Rec

    Seiko's MS T series extended temperature range of lithium rechargeable batteries are designed to backup-power real-time clock or memory applications.

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  • CPH3225A Chip-Type Electrical Double-Layer Capacit

    CPH3225A is Seiko's thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double-layer capacitor. The unique ceramic packaging with superior air-tightness is used.

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  • CPX Capacitors CPX3225A752D

    Seiko Instruments' CPX3225A752D is a power source or electric storage for wireless sensor networks, RFID tags, or RF remote control for digital home appliances.

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