Феникс контактісі


Феникс контактісі
  • Economic Housing (EH) System

    Phoenix Contact's two-piece EH system is easy to use and perfect for building automation and semi-industrial applications.

    By Phoenix Contact 111

  • RPI-BC Housing for Raspberry Pi

    The RPI-BC from Phoenix Contact is a DIN rail mountable, functional, design-oriented housing which accommodates Raspberry Pi models A+, B+, B2, and B3.

    By Phoenix Contact 83

  • THERMOFOX Handheld Printer

    The lightweight, rugged THERMOFOX handheld printer from Phoenix Contact is fully portable so it can be used during field installations.

    By Phoenix Contact 124

  • Environmental Case System (ECS)

    Phoenix Contact's ECS is an enclosure system rated to protect devices from the elements present in outdoor and indoor applications.

    By Phoenix Contact 105

  • Universal Case System (UCS)

    Phoenix Contact's UCS stands out for its flexible PCB attachment and diverse application options, while being offered in four sizes, two heights, and two colors.

    By Phoenix Contact 95

  • SafetyBridge Technology Available on Axioline F

    Phoenix Contact’s SafetyBridge technology (SBT) enables transmission of safety-related signals on standard automation networks.

    By Phoenix Contact 117

  • Designer Kits

    Phoenix Contact’s designer kits include a complete enclosure along with connectors and a breadboard PCB.

    By Phoenix Contact 108

  • SCREWFOX - SF-ASD 16 Battery-Powered Torque Screwd

    Phoenix Contact expands its TOOL fox product line with the SF-ASD 16 versatile, battery-powered torque screwdriver with 32 torque settings, 16 low and 16 high.

    By Phoenix Contact 82

  • TC Routers

    Phoenix Contact's TC routers are designed for the intensity of industrial environments and acquire high amounts of data with reliability and flexibility.

    By Phoenix Contact 79

  • TC Cloud Client 4G LTE

    Phoenix Contact's TC Cloud Client devices are industrial VPN gateways approved for use on the 4G LTE Verizon and AT&T cellular networks.

    By Phoenix Contact 106

  • Industrial Case System

    Phoenix Contact's industrial case system ICS series features an appealing design, form factors, and more options for adapting it to different market needs.

    By Phoenix Contact 397

  • BWP 2000 Series HTML5 Web Panels

    Phoenix Contact’s web panels utilize the global HTML5 communication standard, making it universally suitable to communicate with any web server.

    By Phoenix Contact 166

  • Modbus® TCP/RTU to Ethernet/IP Gateway

    Phoenix Contact’s Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP gateway has easy and intuitive web-based configurations, making migration painless.

    By Phoenix Contact 100

  • RAD-900-DAIO6 Radioline for Outdoor Installations

    Phoenix Contact’s RAD-900-DAIO6 outdoor radioline combines the 900 MHz radioline wireless module and six I/O points in a single, robust, NEMA 4X housing.

    By Phoenix Contact 208

  • UT 6-TMC M Circuit Breakers

    UT 6-TMC M Series thermomagnetic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact.

    By Phoenix Contact 477


    The QUINT UPS-IQ provides information regarding the charging state, remaining runtime, and service life of a rechargeable battery module at all times.

    By Phoenix Contact 195

  • CB Pluggable Circuit Breakers

    Phoenix Contact's CB pluggable is a UL-recognized device circuit breaker.

    By Phoenix Contact 188

  • UNO-UPS Power Supply

    Phoenix Contact's UNO-UPS is a compact, cost-effective, 24 VDC solution perfect for compact controllers, PLCs, HMI, and other low-power devices.

    By Phoenix Contact 129

  • TMC 8 Series UL 489 Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Break

    Phoenix Contact's TMC 8 series is comprised of 1-pole, 2-pole, and 3-pole thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in accordance with UL 489 and EN 60947-2 for DIN rail-mounted appli

    By Phoenix Contact 91

  • UNO Solar Power Supply

    Phoenix Contact's UNO Solar power supply is ideal for use in small control boxes and saves the time, hassle, and expense of installing trenches for power lines.

    By Phoenix Contact 102