By Phoenix Contact 322


The QUINT UPS-IQ from Phoenix Contact is ideal for any situation where battery backup is needed, such as mission-critical systems that require an uninterruptible power supply. Intelligent battery modules automatically tell you what type of battery is in use and then determine that unit's charging status. Regardless of whether you are using a DC-UPS or an AC-UPS, QUINT provides you with intelligent battery management on several levels.

  • Diagnostic contacts alarm - battery low, fuse blown
  • Battery backup time setting
  • Battery status - amount of charge left in the battery
  • Buttons to remove/insert flash (flash used to store/move configuration)
  • Connections to the battery
  • DC input connection from the power supply
  • UPS output connections to the load
  • Battery communications connection
  • Configuration/monitoring port (use is optional)
  • DC input LED (24 VDC is present from the power supply)
  • Battery charge/mode yellow LED (blinking = battery is charging; solid = battery is buffering)
  • Alarm red LED (on = battery low or fuse blown)
  • Remote shutdown inputs