AC Series Chip Resistors

By Yageo 674

AC Series Chip Resistors

Yageo's automotive-grade thick film chip resistor, the AC series, conforms to the automotive electronics industry requirements and is mainly applicable to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC); infotainment; navigation; lighting; and power window systems, among others. Compared to other applications, the automotive industry imposes more strict requirements in all aspects.

The AC series is optimized to conform to the strict automotive industry standard, while offering the defined tolerance of 5% and 1%; temperature coefficient resistance (TCR) of ±100 ppm/°C; and humidity resistance of 1% (1,000 hours at +85°C, 85% RH, and 10% operating power), with a 2 KV ESD rating. These high standard characteristics allow Yageo's AC series to be applied to the majority of automotive electronics systems.

Features Applications
  • Case size: 0402 to 2512
  • FOS test: ASTM-B-809-95
  • 100% AOI for patterning
  • ESD to withstand voltages up to 2 KV
  • 8,000 hours operational life
  • Stable process control including narrow specification and CpK monitor
  • 100% pulse load screening to eliminate early failures during final testing
  • Infotainment (navigation systems, audio/video, telematics, electric toll collection)
  • Comfort and security (HVAC, Body Control Module, TPM, anti-theft device)
  • Power management (BMS, battery charger, DC/DC converter, PLC)