Broad Line of Detect Switches

By C&K 84

Broad Line of Detect Switches

C&K has developed a broad line of detect switches for Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) and Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) use in portable medical equipment. The HDS, HDT, MDS, SDS, GDS and SDT Series detect switches are implemented on the server blade of the ATCA equipment or on AMCs as a safety mechanism to verify that the blade is powered down (processing), ensuring no data is lost.

ATCA and AMCs are growing in popularity in medical electronics, functioning to gather data in portable imaging and diagnostic equipment, and serving as a type of flash memory to remove and review data. The environmental conditions of portable medical equipment call for higher temperature capabilities and increased tolerance to shock and vibration, this complete line of detect switches are capable of operation at a wider temperature range and are available in a variety of compact configurations to suit reliability, lifespan and space requirements.