USB 3.0 Cables and Connectors

By Assmann WSW Components 293

USB 3.0 Cables and Connectors

USB has evolved to a higher standard with the advent of the USB 3.0. Assmann introduces USB 3.0 cables and connectors that will multiply bandwidth tenfold over the USB 2.0. These USB 3.0 connectors and cables meet all standards of USB-IF. An important point is that the USB 3.0 connector is backward compatible with USB 2.0 while offering optimized power efficiency by eliminating device polling and reducing active and idle power requirements.

USB 3.0 cables are meticulously manufactured with the quality that Assmann has come to be known for in the industry, commonly available in 1, 2, 3, and 5 m lengths. They are also available in custom sizes upon request to advance any application to a higher level.

Assmann also offers connectors in USB 3.0, which are available in PCB, surface mount and assembly types. These USB 3.0 connectors are manufactured for easy installation, with the goal of improving all types of applications.