AL5811 Linear LED Driver

By Diodes Incorporated 150

AL5811 Linear LED Driver

The AL5811 expands Diodes' linear LED driver family with a driver optimized to drive lower power LEDs. Like the AL5812, the device's 60 V capability enables it to drive long LED chains (up to 16 white LEDs) while operating from rails as low as 3.5 V. This allows the device to operate with 5 V, 12 V, or 24 V AC/DC, and 48 VDC rails.

The AL5811 operates with the minimal amounts of external components; just a decoupling capacitor and a high value LED current setting resistor. This allows the use of small size and low cost external components, resulting in a small solution footprint.

The accuracy, temperature range, and cost make it ideally suited to cost-sensitive lighting applications.

The AL5811 is available in MSOP-8EP and U-DFN3030-6 thermally enhanced packages which support linear operations over the wide operating voltage range and ambient temperatures.

  • Small footprint, thermally-enhanced surface mount packages
  • High-value current setting resistor RSET
  • 6% initial average LED current accuracy
  • 1 V to 60 V output voltage range
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range
  • Signage
  • Secondary side, local LED current regulation
  • Instrument illumination

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