LT3582 I²C DC / DC Converters

By Analog Devices Inc 65

LT3582 I²C DC / DC Converters

Linear Technology's LT3582, LT3582-5, and LT3582-12 are dual DC / DC converters featuring positive and negative outputs and integrated feedback resistors. The LT3582, with its built in one time programming (OTP), has configurable output settings via the I²C interface including: output voltage settings, power-up sequencing, power-down discharge, and output voltage ramp rates. LT3582 settings can be changed adaptively in the final product or set during manufacturing. Also, they can be made permanent using the built in non-volatile OTP memory. The positive output voltage can be set between 3.2 V and 12.775 V in 25 mV steps. The negative output voltage can be set between -1.2 V and -13.95 V in 50 mV steps. The LT3582-5 and LT3582-12 are pre-configured at the factory for ±5 V and ±12 V outputs respectively.

The LT3582 series includes two monolithic converters: one boost and one inverting. The boost converter has an integrated power switch and output disconnect switch. The inverting converter uses a single inductor topology and includes an integrated power switch. Both boost and inverting converters use a novel control scheme resulting in low output voltage ripple while allowing for high conversion efficiency over a wide load current range. The LT3582 series is available in a 16-pin 3 mm x 3 mm QFN.