Flexible Step-Down Switching Regulators

By ROHM Semiconductor 182

Flexible Step-Down Switching Regulators

ROHM Semiconductor provides a number of step down switching regulators with integrated MOSFETs. These solutions provide simple step-down power management, used in significant numbers for several applications. From the incorporation of shutdown functionality to increased efficiency, switching regulators offer numerous benefits over industry standard options such as linear regulators.

The BD9G101G is a switching regulator with integrated internal high-side 42 V Power MOSFET. It provides 0.5 A DC output with a small SOT23 package. Its operating frequency is fixed at 1.5 MHz, allowing the use of small inductors and ceramic capacitors. The components of phase compensation are built in. The BD9G101G is SOT-23-6 (SSOP6) package.

The ROHM BD9329EFJ can provide up to 3 A and the BD9328 can provide up to 2 A of output current at the required output voltage. These devices also feature a wide input voltage range which can be as high as 18 V and as low as 4.2 V. These devices have a built-in power MOSFET with low RDS(ON) to reduce the number of external components required for the application circuit. A 0.9 V internal reference is used in the error amplifier circuit to minimize the components needed for setting the output voltage. The equation for setting the output voltage is (R1+R2/R2) x (0.9). Output voltage can be set anywhere from 0.9 V to maximum of VCC x 0.7.

BD9328EFJ and BD9329AEFJ Features BD9G101G Features
  • Output current up to 3 A (BD9329AEFJ) and up to 2 A (BD9328EFJ)
  • Wide input voltage range from 4.2 V to 18.0 V
  • Integrated power MOSFET with 150 mΩ RONH and 130 mΩ RONL
  • Adjustable output voltage: 0.9 V to VIN x 0.7 V
  • Feedback voltage 0.9 V ±1.5% at room temperature (±2.0% for -25°C to 85°C)
  • High and wide input range (VCC = 6 V ~ 42 V)
  • 45 V / 800 mΩ internal power MOSFET
  • 1.5 MHz fixed operating frequency
  • Feedback pin voltage 0.75 V ±1.5%
  • Internal compensated
  • Internal over current protection, under voltage locked out, thermal shutdown
  • 0 μA shutdown supply current
  • 6-lead SOT-23 package (SSOP6)