CC2533 RF System-on-Chip

By Texas Instruments 178

CC2533 RF System-on-Chip

Texas Instruments' CC2533 is an optimized system-on-chip (SoC) solution for IEEE 802.15.4 based remote-control systems. It enables single-chip remote controls to be built with low bill-of-material cost when used as a flexible SoC. It also provides a simple path to adding RF4CE capability to a device or target when used in the wireless network processor configuration of the RemoTI RF4CE stack. Robust network nodes can also be built with very low total bill-of-material costs.

The CC2533 combines the excellent performance of a leading RF transceiver with a single-cycle 8051 compliant CPU, up to 96kB in-system programmable flash memory, up to 6kB RAM, and many other powerful features. The CC2533 has efficient power modes with RAM and register retention below 1µA, making it highly suited for low-duty-cycle systems where ultra-low power consumption is required.

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