iSensor ADIS16209

By Analog Devices Inc 241

iSensor ADIS16209

ADI's ADIS16209 and ADIS16210 are high-accuracy, digital inclinometers that accommodate both single-axis (±180°) and dual-axis (±90°) operation on the ADIS16209. The ADIS16210, with its tri-axis performance, provides pitch and roll angles for a full (±180°) operation or (±90°) for gravity axis. These accelerometers take supply voltage of 3.3 V to 5.25 V. Both devices use serial peripheral interface (SPI) for simple integration into most industrial system designs. A simple internal register structure handles all output data and configuration features. This includes access to the following output data: calibrated acceleration, accurate incline angles, power supply, internal temperature, auxiliary analog and digital input signals, diagnostic error flags, and programmable alarm conditions.

Configurable operating parameters include sample rate, power management, digital filtering, auxiliary analog and digital output, offset/null adjustment, and self-test for sensor mechanical structure.

The ADIS16209 is available in a small LGA package, whereas the ADIS16210 comes in a robust metal module. Both operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

ADIS16209 Features
  • Dual-mode inclinometer system
    • Dual-axis, horizontal operation, ±90°
    • Single-axis, vertical operation, ±180°
  • High accuracy, 0.1°
  • 14-bit digital inclination data, 0.025° resolution
  • 14-bit digital acceleration data, 0.244 mg resolution
  • ±1.7 g accelerometer measurement range
  • 12-bit digital temperature sensor output
  • Digitally controlled bias calibration
  • Digitally controlled sample rate
  • Digitally controlled frequency response
  • Dual alarm settings with rate/threshold limits
  • Auxiliary digital I/O
  • Digitally activated self test
ADIS16210 Features
  • Triaxial, digital inclinometer system
    • ±180° measurement range, roll and pitch axes
    • ±90° gravity axis
    • ±0.1° relative accuracy
  • Triaxial, digital accelerometer, high accuracy
    • ±1.7 g measurement range
    • ±0.05° axis-to-axis alignment
  • Digital internal temperature measurements
  • Digital internal power supply measurements
  • Programmable user calibration options
    • Single command, frame alignment
    • Manual accelerometer bias correction
  • Programmable operation and control
    • Sample rate/filtering
    • Alarm conditions and indicator output
    • Input/output: data ready, alarm, general-purpose
  • Power management functions
  • SPI-compatible serial interface
  • Serial number and device ID
  • Single-supply operation: 3.0 V to 3.6 V
  • Calibrated temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • 15 mm x 24 mm x 15 mm package with flexible connector
Applications (for ADIS16209 and ADIS16210)
  • Platform control, stabilization, and alignment
  • Tilt sensing, inclinometers, and leveling
  • Motion/position measurement
  • Monitor/alarm devices (security, medical, safety)
  • Navigation

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