C Series Open Mode Design MLCC

By TDK Corporation 147

C Series Open Mode Design MLCC

TDK open mode series MLCCs are designed with a wider gap between the terminal and the internal electrodes to help reduce the risk of short circuit in the event of capacitor cracking due to mechanical stress such as board bending. By utilizing a unique internal electrode design, the counter electrode avoids the typical crack path of board flex.

Composed of only ceramics and metals, open mode series capacitors provide extremely dependable performance, exhibiting virtually no degradation, even when subjected to temperature extremes (+125°C and +150°C temperature ranges are available). TDK’s open mode MLCCs are available in 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, and 2220 case sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased resistance to mechanical bending, temperature cycle, vibration, and electrical stresses
  • Wider distance between the end of the opposite electrode and the termination
  • Reduces the risk of short circuit failures
  • Available in X7R and X8R dielectrics
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant


  • Battery line circuits with high board flex stress resistance
  • High mechanical stress applications
  • DC-DC converters
  • Output filters