HVC Series

By Ohmite 271

HVC Series

Ohmite HVC Series chips are available with voltage ratings up to 3 Kv and resistance values from 100 k up to 100 G Ω. These wrap around terminal chip resistors have a standard TCR of 100 ppm and standard tolerances of 5%, although tolerances as low as 0.50% can be achieved. Voltage coefficients range from as low as 10 and up to 100 depending on resistance value, supplied in 0805, 1206, and 2512 package sizes. Launched in response to high voltage resistor demands driven by renewable energy, military and medical electronics, the HVC Series is suitable for vacuum applications as they do not contain any organic compounds. The thick film resistors have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +155°C and the matte tin contact with a nickel barrier is designed for extended shelf life.


  • High value chip resistors in thick film technology
  • Low temperature and voltage dependency (low TCR and VCR)
  • High working voltage up to 3000 V
  • Suitable for high vacuum applications—no organics
  • Contact areas: nickel-barrier/matte tin
  • Wraparound terminals


  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +155°C
  • Climatic category: 55/155/56, acc. to EN 60068-1
  • Solderability: 250°C, 3s, acc. to EN 60068-2-58
  • Max. soldering temperature: 260°C, 10s, acc. to IEC 68-2-58