Power Phototriacs

By Vishay Semiconductor / Opto Division 735

Power Phototriacs

Vishay Semiconductor's NZC power phototriac with dV/dt of 500 V/μs complements the existing broad phototriac offering, which includes devices with the highest dV/dt rating in the industry at 10 kV/μs. The VO2223/VO2223A and the VO3526 are designed for applications where load current is limited to 1 ARMS. These new devices eliminate the need for an external power TRIAC, saving on board space and costs.

  • Integrated phototriac and power TRIAC in DIP-8 and DIP-16 packages
  • On-state current up to 1 ARMS, blocking voltage of 600 VPEAK
  • dV/dt of 500 V/μs minimum
  • Trigger current of 10 mA
  • Household appliances
  • AC motor drives
  • Solenoid and valve controls
  • Office automation equipment
  • Temperature (HVAC) and lighting controls

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