DRV8818 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

By Texas Instruments 9

DRV8818 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

Texas Instruments' DRV8818 provides an integrated stepper motor driver solution for printers, scanners, and other automated equipment applications. It has two H-bridge drivers and a microstepping indexer logic to control a stepper motor. The output driver block for each consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured as full H-bridges to drive the motor windings. A simple step/direction interface allows easy interfacing to controller circuits. Pins allow configuration of the motor in full-step, half-step, quarter-step, or eighth-step modes. Decay mode and PWM off time are programmable. Internal shutdown functions are provided for over current protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage lockout and overtemperature.

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) microstepping motor driver
    • Built-in microstepping indexer
    • Up to 2.5 A current per winding
    • Microstepping indexer provides up to 1/8-step operation
    • Low 0.37 Ω (HS + LS) MOSFET on-resistance (at 25°)
    • Programmable mixed decay, blanking, and off time
  • Pin-compatible upgrade to DRV8811 with lower RDS(ON)
  • Thermally enhanced surface mount package
  • Printers
  • Textile machinery
  • Positioning
  • Tracking
  • Factory automation
  • Robotics

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