Combination D-SUB Connectors

By CONEC 339

Combination D-SUB Connectors

Conec's combination D-SUB connectors provide the ideal solution for applications that require power, signal, and coaxial connections within one connector. This series of connectors achieves space saving on PCBs and I/O designs. Within this product family various pin out configurations are possible. Almost endless selections can be created mixing power, signal, and coaxial contacts. Coaxial contacts can handle frequencies up to 2 GHz. Power contacts have 10 A to 40 A current handling. Signal contacts in various styles complete the product offering with industry standard terminations types: solder cup, PCB contacts in straight and angled pin configurations, crimp types, and wire wrap contacts.

D-SUB Overview

  • Space savings on the PCB
  • Different wire terminations are possible in a single connector
  • Cost savings - mixed layout
  • Insertable and removable coaxial, power, high voltage and signal contacts
  • Precision machined contacts
  • Various quality classes are available
  • Wide product range