VLMx1300 Series ChipLEDs

By Vishay Semiconductor / Opto Division 205

VLMx1300 Series ChipLEDs

Vishay/Semiconductor's announces a series of super-thin, ultra-bright LEDs in the SMD 0603 package. The VLMx1300 series of LEDs uses an innovative ChipLED technology, paving the way for smaller end products with higher performance, more flexibility in design, and enhanced applications.

The 0603 VLMx1300 LEDs will serve in small-scale, high-brightness products that must work reliably in demanding environments.

  • Super-thin at 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm (L x W x H)
  • High luminous intensity up to 450 mcd for colors and 180 mcd for white
  • Forward current of 20 mA for color and 5 mA for white
  • Maximum forward voltage of 3.8 V for color and 3.15 V for white
  • ±65° angle of half-intensity
  • Compatible with IR reflow soldering
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lead (Pb)-free and suitable for lead-free soldering