Digital Compassing Solutions

By Honeywell Aerospace 163

Digital Compassing Solutions

Honeywell Aerospace's extensive experience in fabricating magneto-resistive sensors has evolved into the development of electronic compass modules that are suited for land, sea, and airborne applications. Honeywell offers a complete line of compass modules. Honeywell's HMR compass modules offer high accuracy compassing solutions.

The HMC6352 is the first true "compass on a chip" package with integrated compassing algorithms and calibration routines. This miniature on-chip solution makes for an easy for drop-in, plug-and-play for high volume customers.

The HMR3300 compass solution is similar in size and board layout to the HMR3200. The HMR3300 adds a 2-axis accelerometer for enhanced performance up to ±60° tilt range.

The HMR3000 is an electronic compass module that provides heading, pitch, and roll output for attitude reference systems. Honeywell's solid-state, magneto-resistive sensors make this strap-down compass both rugged and reliable.

Honeywell's HMR3500 is a three-axis digital compass module with azimuth accuracy of 1° with 0.1° resolution and 0.5° repeatability, with a title range of ±80°.

The HMC6343 is a three-axis tilt compensated compass module in a 9 x 9 x 1.9 mm LCC surface-mount package. The HMC6343 includes three-axis magnetoresistive and a three-axis accelerometer to provide a heading accuracy of about 2.5° over tilt.