AL8808 LED Driver

By Diodes Incorporated 105

AL8808 LED Driver

Diodes introduces a simple, cost-effective LED driver for high-brightness LED lamps. The AL8808 is Diodes' latest high-brightness buck LED driver to meet the demands of latest low voltage LED lamps. The AL8808 provides protection against a number of potential faults within a lamp; including:

  • Over-temperature condition - switches itself off
  • Open-LEDs - automatically stops switching
  • Short-LEDs - continues switching but at reduced duty cycle minimizing power dissipation

The AL8808 can operate up to 1 MHz, reducing the size of external components. The small TSOT25 package size, coupled with the need for only four external components, produces a small solution footprint. The accuracy, temperature range, and cost make it ideally suited for cost sensitive lighting applications.

  • Reduced switching noise and ringing
  • Open-LED, short-LED, and overtemperature protection
  • Small footprint, TSOT25 packages
  • 5% initial average LED current accuracy
  • Simple PWM dimming and Analog dimming on the CTRL pin
  • General illumination
  • Multi-substrate LED driving
  • Driving of parallel LED chains
  • MR16 lighting
  • SELV lighting

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